South Africa

The most well-known country on the African continent, South Africa is where we, at My African Dream, call home. Known as the rainbow nation due to it’s eclectic melting pot of different cultures, South Africa is incredibly diverse boasting a multitude of 11 official languages. From the shores of scenic and laid-back Cape Town to the vibrant hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, these two popular cities, (with no offence to you, Durban), offer it all. Beyond the city skyline, you’ll be met with unforgettable sunsets from the bush to the coast. South Africa is equally well-known for it’s incredible nature and vast scenery, home to numerous national parks, wildlife reserves and unrivalled pristine coast lines ranging from the arid, empty white-sand beaches of the West Coast to the lush, forested vegetation along the warmer waters of the East Coast. It really does have it all…or maybe we’re just biased?

Our South African Highlights

* What trip to South Africa would be complete without a visit to one of our numerous national parks in an effort to see the best of Africa’s wildlife? Whether you have time for a 4-5 night stay in the iconic Kruger National Park, the second largest nature reserve in Africa, or whether you're looking for something closer to the city, we can conjure up something that will best suit your schedule. * This one is for all the foodies out there! Experience the Western Cape’s food scene and it’s world-renown wine farms to please all of those delicious temptations. You’re on holiday after all…you deserve it! *Experience the magical tranquility and picturesque lush scenery of the Garden Route along the East Coast of South Africa. *Get out of town and explore the solitude and ruggedness of the Western Cape’s West Coast National Park. One of our hidden gems!