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South africa

The most well-known country on the African continent, South Africa is where we, at My African Dream, call home. Known as the rainbow nation due to it’s eclectic melting pot of different cultures, South Africa is incredibly diverse boasting a multitude of 11 official languages. From the shores of scenic and laid-back Cape Town to the vibrant hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, these two popular cities, (with no offence to you, Durban), offer it all. Beyond the city skyline, you’ll be met with unforgettable sunsets from the bush to the coast. South Africa is equally well-known for it’s incredible nature and vast scenery, home to numerous national parks, wildlife reserves and unrivalled pristine coast lines ranging from the arid, empty white-sand beaches of the West Coast to the lush, forested vegetation along the warmer waters of the East Coast. It really does have it all…or maybe we’re just biased?

Our South African Highlights

* What trip to South Africa would be complete without a visit to one of our numerous national parks in an effort to see the best of Africa’s wildlife? Whether you have time for a 4-5 night stay in the iconic Kruger National Park, the second largest nature reserve in Africa, or whether you're looking for something closer to the city, we can conjure up something that will best suit your schedule. * This one is for all the foodies out there! Experience the Western Cape’s food scene and it’s world-renown wine farms to please all of those delicious temptations. You’re on holiday after all…you deserve it! *Experience the magical tranquility and picturesque lush scenery of the Garden Route along the East Coast of South Africa. *Get out of town and explore the solitude and ruggedness of the Western Cape’s West Coast National Park. One of our hidden gems!


It’s hard to start describing Namibia without getting swept into a bit of a reminiscent daydream, as the beauty of this country is truly like none other in Southern Africa. Namibia is both a thrill-seeker’s and photographer’s heaven on earth, with adventure and picturesque scenes around every corner as vast other-worldly desert landscapes continue for as far as the eye can see. Well-known as the home to the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, which is instantly recognisable by the beautiful red coloured sand, the Namib Desert is home to two of Namibia’s great attractions, Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast. Although famed for dunes the size of mountains that run down to the cold Atlantic Ocean, Namibia is also home to some unique species such as the Brown Hyena which are known to hunt the local seal colonies, the Oryx or Gemsbok, and animals such as elephant, giraffe and lion that have adapted to the harsh desert environment. Although all of the places are accessible by charter flights if your budget allows, we would highly suggest soaking up the magic of the country by road, allowing you to explore this desert paradise in your own time.

Our Namibian Highlights

* Need we even mention you needing to visit the Sossusvlei dunes? Charge your camera’s and phones, set your alarm for sunrise and be prepared to witness some of Nature’s finest work! * Hot Air Balloon over the dunes and see the sunrise from the sky, followed by a champagne breakfast to end off this break taking experience. Etosha National Park is Namibia’s most famous nature reserve and certainly worth a visit as it is home to Africa’s largest salt pan (so big in fact, that it can be seen from space). * The Fish River Canyon, located in the south of Namibia is Africa’s largest canyon spanning up to an impressive 100 miles, making this the second biggest in the world after the Grand Canyon. There is lots to do in the Fish River region from a 2-5 day hike in the canyon on a guided trail, to seeing the wild horses of Garub or perhaps even visiting the Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmanshoop.


Botswana is a great start for anyone who is wanting to experience the true untouched and raw beauty of Africa, as it remains one of Africa’s last true wilderness areas. With over a third of the country declared as protected land, it is of no wonder that Botswana is home to the greatest elephant population in Africa. Botswana offers a range of different environments and wildlife attractions with the greatest attraction being the channels and wetlands of the UNESCO declared Okavango Delta, another one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Described as one of nature’s great events, every year when the rains in the Angolan highlands start to make their way down the Kavango River, this then flows and fans out into the Okavango Delta. This annual event transforms the dry and barren landscape of the Kalahari into one of lush green grass and deep waterways, attracting thousands of animals from every direction and creating one of Africa’s most unique natural phenomenons. Although famed for the Delta, Botswana is well-known for three other wildlife regions, one of which being Chobe National Park. Chobe is best known for it’s big concentrations and large herds of elephant that feed along the rivers that flow through this park. The Kalahari Desert is another major attraction covering a massive 900,000 square kilometre range which is mostly made up in Botswana, as well as parts of Namibia and South Africa. The Kalahari sand dunes compose of the largest continuous expanse of sand in the world and one will be able to find wildlife that are specifically adapted to this harsh-living conditions as well over 400 different plant species. Botswana truly provides guests with an unforgettable safari experience.

Our Botswana Highlights

* Drift around the narrow channels of the Okavango Delta in a traditional mokoro while getting up close and personal to wildlife on the banks, providing an entirely new perspective of wildlife from the water. * Visit the red sands of the Kalahari Desert and learn how the animals here have adapted to surviving in this harsh climate. * The Makgadigadi, part of the Kalahari basin, is the world’s biggest salt flats covering over 12,000 square kilometres. There is truly nowhere else like this.


We know that as soon as you read the word ‘Zimbabwe’, a little bit of doubt may have crossed your mind. To say that Zimbabwe has received bad press over the past few years would be an understatement, however Zimbabwe remains one of the most beautiful, friendly and scenic countries in all of Africa, with SO much to offer. Zimbabwe is one of those places that forever hold a place in your heart and it has so much to see from a wildlife and adventure perspective. The town of Victoria Falls, where you can see, guessed it, the might Victoria Falls, is a beautiful little town home to some of the most luxurious lodges, wildlife which can be seen roaming the town, friendly locals and a hive of bustling markets and delicious restaurants. It would be hard to argue that the view of the falls from the Zimbabwean side is anything less than magnificent as you walk under the canopy of thick forests, listen to birds chirping above you, and skirt around the monkeys and antelope that dot the pathways. Needless to say that you will of course catch unrivalled views of the falls spanning for the majority of the length of this natural wonder, and if you dare to adventure to the edge of the park, make sure to bring waterproof gear as you will get wet…if not soaked (rain jackets are available at the market just outside the entrance). Victoria Falls is known as the adrenaline capital of Africa, offering river rafting down the mighty Zambezi as you navigate your way through world-class rapids or you can view the rapids from above as you bungee-jump off of the old railway bridge. Take to the skies and enjoy seeing the falls from either a microlight or helicopter or enjoy a very mellow meander on the upper Zambezi sipping cocktails at your leisure while watching wildlife come down the banks for their own evening drinks. As beautiful as this part of Zimbabwe is, a trip to the nearby Hwange National Park is what really starts the love affair with Zimbabwe as it’s home to some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on the continent, as well as over 400 species of birds, for all the bird-lovers out there. If you follow the Zambezi further downriver, you’ll find yourself coming face to face with the mighty Kariba Lake, a man-made lake used as a part of hydro-electric power scheme which is based in the town of Kariba on the Western end of the lake. There are some beautiful places to stay around Kariba including island camps, Bumi Hills and Matusadona National Park. Another popular way to see the lake is to jump aboard a house boat that comes with a private chef and crew to tend to your every need, whilst often having wildlife sightings all to yourself from the water. Lastly, and our personal favourite, the part that will be the cherry on top of solidifying your love affair with not only Zimbabwe, but Africa, is Mana Pools National Park. As the Zambezi river flows past the town of Kariba, it makes it way into the Mana Pools forming four oxbow pools, which annually flood the surrounding plains bringing with it a mini migration of animals as the plains start to produce life-giving water and food.

Our Zimbabwe Highlights

* Experience the rush of adrenaline or simply kick back and relax on the banks of the Zambezi. * Marvel at the beauty of Lake Kariba and surroundings, a unique safari experience that few take the time to experience. * Go on a walking safari at the legendary Mana Pools, a park known for its close wildlife encounters with animals such as elephants, as they seem to be more habituated to foot safari than most other parks. You might even be lucky to enough to witness a bull elephant stand on his hind legs in an attempt to reach the pods of the Ana Tree.


Zambia is one of Africa’s most up and coming safari destinations and rightly so, as apart from it being regarded as one of Africa’s safest countries, it also boasts some of the most diverse, unique and unspoilt wildlife environments on the continent. Zambia caters for every travellers’ desires as it’s numbers of national parks are home to a huge array of indigenous wildlife, plenty of waterways including the Kafue river, one of the Zambezi’s largest tributaries, as well as a rich cultural heritage of the friendly Zambian people. The town of Livingstone on the Zambian side of the mighty Victoria Falls is home to numerous beautiful lodges set alongside the Zambezi river where the noises of hippos grunting and fish eagle calls will be your morning alarm clock. If getting the adrenaline pumping is your thing, this place offers it all where you can either opt for a helicopter or microlight flights known as the ‘Flight of Angles’ and catch a breathtaking perspective of the falls from above, or you can take to the waters below white water raft some of the best grade 5 rapids in the world. If this all sounds like a bit more than you had bargained for, the upper Zambezi offers some beautiful sunset cruises where you can witness swimming elephants and other wildlife coming for their evening drink on the banks of the river whilst sipping on your own. Zambia is also home to South Luangwa National Park, which is said to be the home of walking safari’s. The Lower Zambezi National Park is the biggest in the country and Kafue is also extremely well-known for it’s incredible abundance of wildlife.

Our Zambia Highlights

* Marvel at the mighty Victoria Falls, in whatever way you see fit. Sky, Water or Land. * If you’re up for a daring challenge, jump into Devil’s Pool which sits on the edge of Victoria Falls (don’t worry, it’s pretty safe…’pretty’ being the key word here). * Spend some time on a walking safari through the bush in South Luangwa National Park. * Enjoy some tiger-fishing in Lake Kariba.

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