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Rudi Aucamp

Rudi is a commercial and environmental lawyer by trade and through his years of practice in the field of law, he has been extensively involved in the legal practice of ensuring the conservation of endangered species in South Africa, with a focus on Black and White Rhino. Rudi has had the privilege of being involved in International Legal Conferences specifically on the topics of Rhino conservation and the global debate on the international moratorium of rhino horn trade. During his practicing as an Attorney in South Africa, Rudi’s passion for the African wilderness and desire to conserve endangered species grew stronger wherein he joined a Voluntary Non-Profit Organization called...[READ MORE]

Tasmyn Aucamp

Tasmyn‘s passion for travel started when she was thrown in the deep end in a corporate travel company building itineraries for places and destinations that she had barely heard of herself. After having to learn every miniscule detail about these beautiful African destinations and all that they have to offer, from accommodation to culture to history to wildlife and more, Tasmyn’s expertise in reservations and managing each client’s itineraries tailored to their specific needs, is incomparable. Tasmyn’s previous corporate experience within the travel and safari...[READ MORE]

Nicole Eddy

Coming from a rich family background of film and photography within South Africa, it was not surprising that Nicole headed in this direction too. With her grandparents being involved in producing and filming aerial footage for some of the first BBC wildlife documentaries across remote parts of Africa, the strong sense of adventure and love for Africa was inevitably passed down. Upon completion of her post-graduate degree in Cape Town, Nicole decided to pursue a freelance career focusing on...[READ MORE]