About Us

Our Story

Before we get to the technical details and terminology of who we are, we want to tell you a short story. Our story. A story of how a deep passion for, and connection to this continent has turned what once was a nothing more than a pipe dream into My African Dream. Let’s take it back to the beginning. Cape Town, South Africa, 2018. It was another beautiful Winter’s day in the Mother City as we sat down over a cup of coffee overlooking the ocean and the iconic outline of Table Mountain, the sound of the breaking waves crashing against the sand in the distance. What started as a casual catch up amongst friends over a couple of cappuccinos quickly turned into a flurry of conversation as we began to share stories of our time in the bush. Rudi’s recent rhino dehorning project was first up on the menu, as we sipped our coffee’s both enthralled and wide-eyed listening to yet again, the plight of a helpless species determined by human greed. To lighten the mood, we reminisced about our recent travels, both internationally and locally, and finally came to the conclusion, as we have done so many times in the past, that as wonderful as traveling to different continents might be, there is something that makes us itch to come back to Africa, to get off the beaten path, to continue expanding our knowledge of nature and explore the unknown. This conversation amongst three friends soon ended with a laugh, a hug and a handshake as we all left that same coffee shop two hours later as business partners. And so ‘My African Dream’ was born.

We're dedicated to creating unique African Safari Adventures

Why Us?

My African Dream is a bespoke travel operator specializing in tours of Southern Africa, tailor-made and customisable to meet every customer’s need. Our services range from the wild and untouched beauties of the African bush to the tranquil serenity of the Western Cape Coastline and beyond. Here at My African Dream, we have two core focuses: 1. The first of these is to make sure that we offer our guests a truly unforgettable experience. 2. The second and equally important focus being to ensure the necessary and valuable contributions towards conserving the biodiversity of Southern Africa and her endangered species. With this in mind, My African Dream strives to promote tourism and conservation in unison ensuring that your dream holiday simultaneously contributes towards the brave men, woman and organisations that work tirelessly to conserve the natural heritage of this majestic place.

Meet The Team

Rudi Aucamp

Founder & Managing Director Rudi is a commercial and environmental lawyer by trade and through his years of practice in the field of law, he has been extensively involved in the legal practice of ensuring the conservation of endangered species in South Africa, with a focus on Black and White Rhino. Rudi has had the privilege of being involved in International Legal Conferences specifically on the topics of Rhino conservation and the global debate on the international moratorium of rhino horn trade. During his practicing as an Attorney in South Africa, Rudi’s passion for the African wilderness and desire to conserve endangered species grew stronger wherein he joined a Voluntary Non-Profit Organization called Mark of the Rhino Expeditions, which conduct on the ground rhino conservation and protection initiatives. Through his travels and constant dealings with the amazing conservation and tourism organizations and communities of South Africa, the dream was sparked, the dream to incorporate both travel and conservation in unison ensuring sustainable tourism whilst maintaining the protection of Africa’s Natural heritage. From this the My African Dream was born… the dream to allow guests to enjoy the wonders that the African wilderness has to offer whilst at the same time providing a constant contribution towards the organizations protecting the survival of endangered species.

Tasmyn Aucamp

Reservations Director Tasmyn‘s passion for travel started when she was thrown in the deep end in a corporate travel company building itineraries for places and destinations that she had barely heard of herself. After having to learn every miniscule detail about these beautiful African destinations and all that they have to offer, from accommodation to culture to history to wildlife and more, Tasmyn’s expertise in reservations and managing each client’s itineraries tailored to their specific needs, is incomparable. Tasmyn’s previous corporate experience within the travel and safari sphere, led her to develop a deep passion for not only these remarkable places and the beauty that they have to offer the world, but for seeing first-hand how curating the perfect itineraries suited to each client, can help to create a trip of a lifetime (we’re not just saying that, we promise). Here at My African Dream, Tasmyn is responsible for fulfilling all of your travel needs and dealing with all of the minor details so that you don’t have to. We can ensure that you will be in amazing hands from the very beginning to the end of your unforgettable journey.

Nicole Eddy

Marketing & Sales Director Coming from a rich family background of film and photography within South Africa, it was not surprising that Nicole headed in this direction too. With her grandparents being involved in producing and filming aerial footage for some of the first BBC wildlife documentaries across remote parts of Africa, the strong sense of adventure and love for Africa was inevitably passed down. Upon completion of her post-graduate degree in Cape Town, Nicole decided to pursue a freelance career focusing on film and photography within the travel and adventure sphere. Using social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and a blog to document her travels across the globe, Nicole managed to gain a following of over 200,000 people from all corners of the Earth. At the age of 26, Nicole has had the privilege of traveling to over 30 countries, and in 2017 completed a bucket list adventure which consisted of driving from Cape Town to Kenya and back, taking her over 24,000km on this first of many epic Africa-based adventures. With her extensive travel experience both globally and within Southern Africa, you can be sure that Nicole can assist with any travel-related questions or concerns that you might have (in the off chance that you catch her not daydreaming about being back in the bush, that is).